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Goodbye and thank you!

One of StART's directors is having to leave London in search of affordable housing

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StART thanks Wendy Dimitriadi very much for her work as one of StART's nine directors. Wendy is sadly having to leave StART and London in search of affordable accommodation. She was instrumental in organising the Chestnuts Community Celebration, developing StART's policy documents, and much more.

The fact that StART's directors, like many other locals, are being forced out of London due to unaffordable rents highlights again the housing crisis in Haringey. This is a common issue, with hospital staff in Haringey struggling to live within commuting distance to their place of work, and local schools struggling to find teachers for the same reason.

We will carry on our work for genuinely affordable and community led housing, but Wendy will be sorely missed!

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