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StART at Chestnuts Community Celebration

The StART marquee at the Chestnuts Community Celebration was set up to celebrate the launch of the StART Masterplan. It was also a place to meet people, speak about StART and find out more about peoples' hopes for the site.
We asked 'How much of your monthly income do you spend on rent or mortgage payments?'. The response we had showed that younger people are spending the highest proportion of their income on rent.
And we asked 'What facilities other than housing would you like to see in future St Ann's?' and received lots of great ideas such as, a theatre space, solar panels as recharge stations, and a picnic area. We also had suggestions from children as part of our poster challenge including a water slide and a disco!
If you missed it, you can download the Masterplan here, send any comments or questions to, and come along to our next organising meeting at Chestnuts Community Centre at 7:30 on Wednesday, 16 August - see the calendar for further meeting dates.
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