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Record response to our housing allocation survey

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After spending the summer reaching out throughout Haringey, we were delighted to receive a record response to our latest consultation, receiving over six hundred responses in three months. Many thanks to everyone who took part!

The consultation focused on the ideas developed for how any rented homes owned by StART at the St Ann’s site will be allocated. The draft allocations policy was developed in previous community consultations, workshops and meetings since StART’s formation in 2016. This consultation received more responses than both previous StART surveys and the London Borough of Haringey's recent Housing Strategy.


Questions focused on maximum income eligibility, connections to the area and exploring ways people living on the site might contribute to the community. The survey was both online and offline, and not just a rubber stamp exercise, with StART actively engaging with numerous Haringey community groups, events and through regular street stalls across locations in Tottenham and Wood Green.


Initial analysis of the responses confirms strong levels of support for a community led development and allocation of genuinely affordable housing on the site. StART will now analyse the data over the next few months and publish a report proposing the allocations policy later in the year.


StART’s Annabel Kennedy said:


“StART are delighted to receive over six hundred responses from all parts of our diverse community. The growing engagement in the project and credibility this will lend our community led allocations policy is validating after a great deal of hard work and commitment.


We know Haringey Council were pleased to receive three hundred responses to their borough wide Housing Strategy, so we’re delighted the community continues to endorse the StART vision with such enthusiasm. We will now carefully analyse and publicise the results as soon as
possible, in line with our principle of maximum transparency.”