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    Two-thirds of the St Ann’s Hospital site was due to be sold for private housing development, in a proposal that took no account of the needs of local people at a time of severe housing need.


     StART is a group of Haringey residents and workers who want to see the St Ann’s Hospital site used permanently for the good of all our local communities. We have initiated a community-led and transparent process for a housing development, which puts local people in control while providing genuinely affordable homes, promoting health and wellbeing, and creating a green neighbourhood.


    Earlier in 2018 the GLA purchased the land from the hospital, and we are currently working with the GLA to influence a community-led development on the site.


    For an in-depth overview of our plans for the St Ann’s site, read our Masterplan - Our Vision Takes Shape.

    Our Objectives

    The objectives of the organisation (and responsibilities of members) are described in our rules. "The objectives of the Society shall be to carry on any business for the benefit of the community by operating as a Community Land Trust in the London Borough of Haringey and in particular the:

    • (a) Business of providing and managing housing (including social housing) and providing assistance to help house people and associated facilities, amenities and services;
    • (b) Promotion of regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation by any means that the Board consider reasonable and will be of benefit;
    • (c) Provision of workspace, buildings and/or land for use on such terms as the Society shall determine;
    • (d) Provision and/or maintenance of a community based shop and/or post office;
    • (e) Provision of such other community resources and activities in the area of benefit carried out for the benefit of the community as the Board shall from time to time determine;
    • (f) Provision, supply and maintenance of renewable forms of energy."

    Our History

    For a number of years Haringey Needs St Ann’s Hospital (HaNSAH) had been campaigning against Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust (The Trust) selling of nearly two-thirds of the St Ann’s hospital site for housing arguing that what the people of Haringey really needed was good health care provisions. At the same time Mary Ann Johnson Housing Co-operative (MAJ) were looking for land to build between 12 and 20 homes and a community space to give something back to the local community they had been part of for many years. As a way to support the campaign to save the hospital MAJ applied for the whole site to be registered as an asset of community value. This was approved by Haringey council in December 2014, allowing community groups an extra six months to put together a bid if the site was put up for sale.


    When Haringey Council approved planning permission in July 2015 HaNSAH and MAJ came together to form South Tottenham Community Development Group (STCDG). The idea was that if housing was to be built on the site the best placed people to decide on and run this housing would be local people. We also wanted the site to keep a link to health and wellbeing. STCDG organised a consultation event on 11th July 2015 and at this meeting STCDG properly came into existence.


    Over the next few months we realised we needed to form ourselves into a properly legally defined organisation and decided to change our name to St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust (StART). In March 2016 we formed ourselves into a Community Land Trust and registered as a Community Benefit Society (reg number 7300).

    Rules of the Organisation

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    Our fortnightly meetings are a chance to talk about what’s happening with the project and what our plans are. We make decisions as a group, so there is no ‘leader’. If you’d like to get involved you can have an equal say in what we do and how we do it. Meetings take place every other Wednesday and start at 7.30pm. Our normal venue is Chestnuts Community Centre on St Ann's Road, but please check the calendar below in case the venue is different, or email us with any questions. If you'd like to get involved, but aren't able to come along to a meeting. Here's a list of some ways you could help.

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    This poster was designed by Lilah Hetherington for our 'StART to Dream' poster challenge in 2017. Click here to print and display in your window to show your support for StART!

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